Suffolk County Police Department

**These impounded vehicles are offered for sale by state policing authority pursuant to applicable forfeiture laws and regulations and will be sold without a title. in lieu of a title, the Buyer and Seller will execute a Bill of Sale provided to the Buyer at the time of pick-up. The Seller will email required documents to the winning Buyer at the close of the auction. Please review the sales agreement when bidding in the terms and conditions. Buyers may have difficulty licensing this vehicle for road use. Please contact your local DMV to confirm local vehicle registration requirements. GovPlanet is acting solely as the advertiser and marketplace platform for the sale of the vehicle and does not warrant the transferability and acceptance of documents provided by the Seller by each state’s DMV.**

PLEASE READ BEFORE PICKING UP VEHICLE/BRING REQUIRED SIGNED DOCUMENTS: You must call at least 24 hours in advance to schedule Monday-Friday, excluding legal holidays. Buyer (or transport) must bring buyer's completed ORIGINAL SIGNED forms emailed by the Seller and will be issued a Bill of Sale at time of pick-up. Persons picking up vehicles must bring valid (unexpired), government issued identification and the Release Form. Release Forms are emailed once the Buyer has completed payment.

Vehicles must be retrieved within ten (10) business days from the sale date. Failure to retrieve the vehicle and remove it from the premises will result in an additional fee of $30 per business day, which must be paid before the vehicle is released. Adequate and lawful means of safely removing vehicles from the premises must be utilized—ropes and nylon straps may not be utilized to tow vehicles from the premises.
Persons picking up vehicles are not to enter impound lot without first checking in at the Police Impound Office. Do not proceed past the security gate without first checking in.

All vehicles and property are sold “as is” at public auction with no warranties, express or implied. Neither the County of Suffolk nor its employees guarantee or make any representation whatsoever, including those as to the safety, condition or operability of the vehicle or property purchased. All vehicles, property and equipment may cause injury or death, and you are urged to have said items inspected and repaired if necessary by a qualified individual prior to use. The purchaser/buyer agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the County of Suffolk and its employees from any and all expenses, liabilities or payments arising from the purchase, operation or use of this vehicle or property. Neither the County of Suffolk nor its employees or representatives make any representation regarding existing liens, and the purchaser becomes liable to satisfy any liens that may exist.


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