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Why Sell on GovPlanet

For years GovPlanet has provided government agencies a cost effective and time saving platform to manage and dispose of surplus assets. Our auction based model connects government agencies to business and consumer buyers throughout the US and around the globe – providing you with targeted demand to achieve the prices you deserve. With the GovPlanet platform there are three primary ways to list inventory on the site. The multiple approaches allow you to choose the best format for the type of equipment and the characteristics of the ideal buyer to maximize velocity and price. Finally, with GovPlanet, items are sold from your location saving you transportation fees.
Featured Auctions – Focused Demand, Fastest Time to Cash
Our weekly Featured Auctions are a must attend event for many buyers on the web. These featured auctions are designed to move larger, heavier rolling stock inventory quickly at the most efficient price. Because these auctions mimic real world live auctions, these auctions are set up to funnel a large amount of buyers into a shorter auction window to maximize revenue while ensuring that the item sells. We work with you to inspect and list your equipment with our IronClad Assurance®. Our team of auction specialists set the pricing and the bidding parameters to ensure that the inventory sells at the best price. When the auctions close, we handle payments and other processing such as title transfers and tax calculations.
Daily Marketplace Listings – Extended Duration, More Price Control
You may want to use this flexible Make Offer & Buy Now format if you have a longer period of time to dispose of the asset or you are not sure what the demand is for a particular asset. Like Featured Auctions, items in Daily Marketplace tend to be larger more high priced equipment. These items are also inspected and priced by the GovPlanet team and are eligible for our IronClad Assurance®; equipment condition certification. With these formats you have the ability to set start and stop times, use longer durations, and employ reserve pricing. Our active telesales team will work with our large buyer base to help identify and approach potential buyers based on our extensive transactional knowledgebase. Like Featured Auctions, we handle payments and other processing such as title transfers and tax calculations at the close of the sale.
GovPlanet DirectSM New
Govplanet Direct is our new do it yourself listing service designed for smaller equipment or inventory. With this format, you are able to list the item directly and select the selling format. You choose to sell items in an auction format and select the starting time and duration or offer items in at a buy now price. With both selling formats, you will be able to choose the method of payment. This inventory will be exposed to the large GovPlanet buyer base as part of the site merchandising, category browse and search functionality. In addition, each entity will have the ability to set up their own storefront.
  Featured Auctions Daily Marketplace GovPlanet Direct
Merchandising Promotion Yes Yes Yes
Category Browse Yes Yes Yes
Search Results Yes Yes Yes
Store Front Yes Yes Yes
Listing Entry GovPlanet GovPlanet Self
Payments Processing Yes Yes Yes
Inside Sales Support Yes Yes  
Pricing Yes Yes  
IronClad Assurance Inspections Yes Yes  
Reserve Pricing   Yes Yes
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