Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - General Topics

How PriorityBid Works

 Can't be online at the time of the auction or just want to get your bid in early?  With PriorityBidSM, you can submit bids to an IronPlanet auction during the preview period and immediately determine the status of your bids.  To place a PriorityBid, just specify your maximum bid amount and, when the auction opens, our system will automatically submit your bid in the order received.  As soon as you place your bid, however, we will tell you whether you have placed the highest PriorityBid for a given auction.  If your PriorityBid is later outbid during the preview period or live auction, we will also attempt to notify you.

 PriorityBids also have another advantage.  When two maximum bids are equal, the bid submitted earlier stays in the lead.  For example the first PriorityBid for $50,000 will beat any other PriorityBid or live auction bid for $50,000 on a given auction piece.

 As with all bidding in IronPlanet auctions, rest assured that your maximum bid amount is never revealed to other bidders and the IronPlanet auction system will only use as much of your maximum bid amount as is necessary to keep you in the position of high bidder.  Our bidding process allows you to win an auction at a price less than your maximum amount and gives you the flexibility of not having to monitor the auction every minute. Keep in mind that you can increase, but cannot reduce, your maximum bid amount at a later time.  For general questions about bidding in an IronPlanet auction, click here.