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190 items for  CAD 10,000 - CAD 49,999


Agricultural Tractors(6)
Construction and Machinery Trailers(4)
Demolition & Recycling Attachments(7)
Drilling Equipment(5)
Dump Trucks(5)
Excavator Attachments(4)
Logging Equipment Miscellaneous(6)
Truck Tractors(20)
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IronClad Assurance


Model 1065(1)
Model 10P130(1)
Model 114SD(1)
Model 212E-301(1)
Model 2460(1)
Model 335(1)
Model 3500(1)
Model 3508(1)
Model 367(9)
Model 37/2-8LH(1)
Model 378(1)
Model 379(2)
Model 4000(3)
Model 4069LE(1)
Model 4400(1)
Model 45(1)
Model 4864F(1)
Model 4900SA(1)
Model 550 Flameless(1)
Model 560(1)
Model 600S(3)
Model 66 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder(1)
Model 721(1)
Model 730A(1)
Model 7500(1)
Model 7600(1)
Model 773D(1)
Model 8450(1)
Model 848G(1)
Model 8630H(1)
Model 9400i(1)
Model A35(1)
Model AGBR -11(1)
Model AT9500(1)
Model B2650(2)
Model BSR-189(1)
Model BW161AC(1)
Model Badger(1)
Model Boomer 40(2)
Model CA2511A 50 Series(1)
Model CC501C(1)
Model CL120(1)
Model CR551(1)
Model Cascadia 125(1)
Model Coronado SD(1)
Model D12CADE2(1)
Model DCA-70USI2(1)
Model DX-TI-HY-360-HX(1)
Model El Camino(1)
Model F-550 Super Duty(1)
Model F-750 Super Duty(1)
Model F550(1)
Model FJ Cruiser(1)
Model FL80(1)
Model GS5390(1)
Model GTH-5519(1)
Model Grain Boss 21-1310(1)
Model HC600(1)
Model HFW-200 T6(1)
Model HIVOL(1)
Model HP1600(2)
Model KMK3045(1)
Model KRFII 3.5 DX-BK(2)
Model L81000T(1)
Model LB40(1)
Model LT9000(1)
Model Line Cruiser(1)
Model MX5100(1)
Model Mini Screed(1)
Model Other(1)
Model PGV1202TRC(1)
Model PSP100104-100(1)
Model Paystar F5070(1)
Model Pit boss(1)
Model Pole-Cat(1)
Model RB688S(3)
Model S-65(1)
Model S2054(1)
Model S85(1)
Model SC101(1)
Model SFB12K(4)
Model SFB8K(3)
Model SL3300 Gen2(1)
Model SL380(2)
Model SL380 Glass Lifter(1)
Model SM3-12(1)
Model SW16(1)
Model SW20(1)
Model SW24(1)
Model Sand Piper 375BHOK(1)
Model Silverado 1500 4x4(1)
Model Super B(2)
Model Super B Train(1)
Model T300(1)
Model T800(4)
Model TLB(1)
Model Tejas SJ(1)
Model Trackless MT5(2)
Model W900L(1)
Model WA380-7(1)
Model WR 5417(1)
Model Wildwood Heritage Glen Lite(1)
Model Work & Play Ultra(1)
Model ZQ 203 Drill Pipe Power(1)
Model ZQ 25 Drill Pipe Power(1)
Model ZQ 50 Drill Pipe Power(1)
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