Buyer testimonials

Here are some of the comments we have received from people who have used IronPlanet to buy equipment:

"Again thank you and your company for the professionalism, and speed of service that I received, and I will be looking forward to other successful transactions with IronPlanet in the future!"
-James Cesario, Owner, Cesario Farms, New Caney, Texas
"I have always been impressed with your website and auction method. I finally was able to win the items from your last sale. I was completely satisfied with every aspect of the transaction. Your company is a great service for the Construction Industry."
-J. Michael Kenner, Owner, Kenner Mountain Services, Duck Creek Village, Utah
"Having thorough inspection reports to look at, a personal Customer Care Agent to assist me with the bidding process, and the ability to bid on-line made it easy to buy equipment through IronPlanet. I especially liked not having to drive to an auction or stand at one all day."
-Larry Pember, President, Pember Excavating, Inc., Menomonie, Wisconsin
"IronPlanet is a terrific resource for contractors in Latin America who are looking to buy used construction equipment. Just the fact that I have to travel to the United States to purchase equipment represents an increase of $2,500 to $3,000 to the price, and I usually do not have a chance to inspect the equipment before I purchase it. Through IronPlanet, Latin American contractors have the opportunity to make intelligent purchases and enjoy the benefits of a better price."
- Bernardo Arce, Owner, ACS Servicios Corporativos Americanos, Costa Rica
"After an extensive evaluation process, I chose IronPlanet for my construction equipment needs based on their detailed inspection reports and full range of services."
- Scott Johannes, President, Criterion General, Inc., Anchorage, Alaska
"Bidding by proxy allowed me to purchase the piece of equipment I was looking for without having to actively participate in the auction. I let IronPlanet know the amount I was willing to spend and they monitored the auction for me and secured my winning bid. It was that easy."
- John Vandermeer, President, JR Construction Equipment Ltd., Alberta, Canada
"IronPlanet has created a marketplace that makes both buyers and sellers comfortable with closing the deal. Normally I would hesitate to buy such a large piece of equipment over the Internet, but IronPlanet's detailed inspection reports, along with their fully insured transactions, made me feel very comfortable with my purchase."
- Carlos Frausto, Maquinaria y Construcciones CAFA, Aguascalientes, Mexico
"Online bidding is certainly the wave of the future. For me, bidding over the Internet was convenient, efficient, and cost effective, while at the same time enabling me to be in a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. I will definitely participate as an online bidder in future IronPlanet auctions."
- Rick Sowers, Vice President, Sowers Construction Company, Inc., Mt. Airy, North Carolina
"IronPlanet lets me pick up equipment from leading manufacturers like Komatsu without the guess work of traditional auctions. Their independent inspection reports are thorough and gave me a good feel for the condition of the equipment. At other auctions, I don't know what shape the equipment is in. I put my excavator to use the first day I got it and it has been running great. Since my first purchase three months ago, I've purchased all my equipment from IronPlanet."
- John Leone, President, J-2 Contracting Company, Greeley, Colorado
"When I read that a 1997 CAT 315L excavator was starting at $32,000, I figured something must be wrong with it with such a low opening bid. The seller reinforced that it was a starting price and also said if I was serious I could come see it. Instead I looked at the inspection report and saw that the company that does the inspections is a good company and that unlike on-site auctions, they give you a lot of information. On the day of the auction, I was credit approved and ready to bid within one hour. The bidding process was very simple; it was just like being there. The site told me when I had the winning bid and prompted me when someone else submitted a higher one."
- Michael Tournear, Energy Efficient Builders, Clayton, Illinois
"I would like you to know that I appreciate the hard work and incredible customer service that the entire staff at IronPlanet has given me. I recently purchased a Caterpillar 226 that had damage not reported on the inspection report. I must tell you that at first I was extremely nervous that I would be stuck with a machine that was less than I expected. Without hesitation I was given a choice of either returning the machine free of all charges or IronPlanet would make the machine exactly as stated in the inspection report. I was so relieved that I chose to have the repairs done. Never in all of my experiences have I experienced this kind of prompt and professional service. My phone calls were returned promptly and I never waited longer than 12 hours for any response. If anyone should ever have any apprehensions about bidding or the worth of your warranty, have them contact me. I can honestly say that your words are as good as gold! Everything in your warranty is exactly as stated. I will bid with complete confidence and enjoyment."
- Mark Panetta, Owner, US Realty Development, Saugus, Massachusetts