EUCs for Government Surplus Vehicles

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EUCs for Government Surplus Vehicles

For items with the demilitarization codes Q or F, Trade Security Controls require buyers to fill out an End-Use Certificate (EUC).

What is an EUC (DLA Form 1822)?

An EUC is for the implementation of Trade Security Controls (TSC) for transfers of Department of Defense (DoD), U.S. Munitions List (USML) and Commerce Control List (CCL) items to personal property or parties outside the DoD.

EUCs are applied in the interest of U.S. national security. An EUC helps apply TSC measures to prevent illegal acquisition or other unauthorized transfers of defense and dual-use technology, goods, services and munitions to individuals, entities and/or countries whose interests are adverse to the United States.

All individuals wanting to acquire DoD surplus property, identified as USML or CCL items, are required to complete the EUC, DLA Form 1822. You can see an example of correctly filled out EUC form here.

Here’s How It Works

  1. Bid for and buy an item with demil code Q or F.
  2. Fill out the EUC.
    1. You can access the EUC form by going to your My Account page, expanding the "Buying" tab and clicking on "EUC Status"


  • The EUC process is handled by the U.S. Government’s TSC Office. Once the form is submitted, processing time can vary and is not under our control. See Terms & Conditions. In our experience, the approval process can take up to 60 business days.
  • Items requiring an EUC will not be available for pickup until the EUC has been approved.
    1. Storage fees will not be assessed during EUC processing.
    2. Upon approval, buyers will have 10 business days to schedule pickup of their items without incurring storage fees.

Need help?

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