IronClad Assurance®

Buy with Confidence with our IronClad Assurance®



Look for our IronClad Assurance Equipment Condition Certification on the Machine you Want to Buy

IronClad Assurance Our IronClad Assurance® equipment condition certification lets you know that one of our inspectors has personally visited the item, taken pictures and conducted a comprehensive inspection of key systems and components. What you see in the inspection report is what you get when you receive the equipment.
If the item you received is not in the condition described in our inspection report, please contact us within one business day of receiving the item. Valid dispute claims will be handled in a mutually beneficial manner. For details, please see our IronClad Assurance Policy.


For questions about our IronClad Assurance or to file a claim, please contact our Customer Care department Monday to Friday, 6 a.m. to 5p.m. (Pacific Time) at 1-844-225-8799.
*The Inspection Report and the specific terms and conditions of the IronClad Assurance are set forth in the GovPlanet Terms and Conditions.
Restrictions: Using our Inspection Report as the basis for comparison, the buyer may submit any claim of a significant discrepancy between the condition of the equipment received and the condition described in the Inspection Report, when IronClad Assurance applies. In the case that a claim is filed in accordance with the terms and conditions (see IronClad Assurance Policy tab of the Terms and Conditions), and if the discrepancy is validated through the IronPlanet dispute resolution process, IronPlanet will settle the claim in a mutually beneficial manner, typically providing cash to the buyer for use toward repairs, and for more serious discrepancies refunding the purchase price plus transportation costs to the buyer.  All disputes must be submitted prior to constructive receipt of the equipment, as per IronClad Assurance tab, and are subject to a $750 deductible.