Used Military Surplus 5 ton Cargo Trucks for Sale

Buy and sell 5 ton Cargo Trucks in GovPlanet's weekly auctions. With hundreds of parts and fully assembled machines, GovPlanet is sure to have the 5 ton Cargo Truck to match your needs. Popular manufacturers of these 6x6 trucks include AM General and BMY. While both manufacturer's trucks typically come with a Cummins engine, those by BMY typically feature a turbocharger. 

Browse popular truck models such as the M923A2 5 ton Cargo Truck, M925A2 5 ton Cargo Truck, and M934A2 5 ton Cargo Truck for your chance to purchase a truck with CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System). CTIS systems alow the driver to input the terrain they are currently traveling over, which fluctuates the tire air pressure allowing for maximum traction. This technology also allows you to run your vehicle with slight tire punctures and cracks.

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